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Welcome to the Norwegian Troll Park in Lillehammer - amongst Norways most popular tourist attractions!

Once upon a time...

Trollet ramme.....in a country far far away people lived their busy lives and had almost forgotten about the existence of trolls and other fairy tale creatures. But it was not lost... Because in the land of Norway, in the kingdom of Hunderfossen Family Park, the fairy tales survived and lived on. 

Guarded by a 14 meter high troll, and behind the gates of the 37 meter tall fairy tale castle the treasure of the Norwegian folk stories is kept safe in Hunderfossen Family park. Step insde and be a part of the fairy tales yourself.

In the unique and mysterious atmosphere of Hunderfossen Family Park you will meet the prince and the princess, the King and the Queen, trolls and many other odd characters from the old Norwegain folk stories.


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Hunderfossen Familypark


 The 2 days ticket is valid on the subsequent day.

Attractions - Be a part of the adventure!


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For the smallest ones, below 120 cm

For the kids from 120 cm

...and for the guests from 140 cm

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The night of the Trolls in Hunderfossen...

When the sun sets, the Trolls and other creatures of the forest come out to play... You can watch the fairytale show, Trolls, theatre, seasoned with Rock/Folk music, lighting and mystique. An evening activity for the whole family. Requires separate tickets NOK 165,- via online booking.

 The White Water Rafting

You better not be afraid of water when you enter our boats to float down the river. Hold on tight as you approach the waterfalls on this exciting aquatic adventure. Hunderfossen Rafting is one of our most popular attractions and with good reason. It might look a bit dramatic, but we assure you it is totally safe, and very funny!

The Fairytale Ship

HOLD ON TIGHT! The Fairytale Ship takes you on a joyful ride! Up and down, and up and down, an up again!








Swimming Pools

On those hot summer days, why not relax in our swimming pool? Whilst the kids enjoy themselves in the water, feel free to take the opportunity to relax on one of our sun-loungers. We have pools for both toddlers and the older ones. And if you are hungry our excellent cafeteria Vertshuset lies right next door. 

The Fairytale Castle

The World of fairy tales becomes real as you enter the gates of the 37 metres high Fairytale Castle. Now you can be a part of the fairy tales yourself! Climb up to the highest tower and save the princess. If you are able... On the way you will meet the princesses, the King, the trolls and many other odd characters from the world of fairy tales. 

 Car tracks

Gokarts, mini Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG for kids, remote controlled Mercedes-Benz SLS and Volvo FH750-trucks for kids are among our car track attractions. All of our cars are electric driven. Even the Gokarts! This gives them quicker acceleration than gasoline driven gokarts, whitch means more fun!





The Hunderfossen Troll

The 14 meter high troll is guarding the treasures of the Norwegain fairy tales. Inside the fairy tale grotto you will meet many of the characters from the old stories as you walk from one fairy tale to an other. Inside the grotto you will also find our unique restaurant, Trollsalen. 

High Ropes Course

There are 4 different tracks: Green track, Blue track, Red track and the Black track. Starting at 2 meters height in the green track to 14 meters height in the black track this attraction is not for the faint-hearted. A real challenge! Min 7 years and 130 cm. NB: An extra ticket is required for this attraction.

The Little Prince - 4D-movie!

A spectacular 4 Dimensional Show, where you will meet The Little Prince on on search for a very special friend. Fantastic 4D animations and fun special effects!
The story is philosophical and includes societal criticism, remarking on the strangeness of the adult world. 


The Norwegian Troll park; Hunderfossen Family Park is located nearby Lillehammer, Norway, in beautiful natural surroundings and has over 50 activities and attractions for all ages. Play, learn and experience are the themes for all of the attractions in the Park.


Arrival and transportation

NSB - Norwegian Rail

Hunderfossen has its own trainstation - only 200 metres from the park entrance! More info: www.nsb.no

Summer bus

The Summer bus departs several times a day from the mid of June to the mid of August between Lillehammer railroad station and Hunderfossen Family Park. The bus stops right outside the gate to the Park.


(+47) 61 27 55 30
Fax : (+47) 61 27 55 55
Adress : N - 2625 FÅBERG, Norway


All attractions and activities in Hunderfossen are also available for events and/or group arrangements. For larger groups we recommend a combination of activities to keep everyone occupied. Besides the long summer season, end of May until primo September, groups may book guided tours in the main attractions. Please contact us for further information including arrangements in our unique restaurant, Trollsalen. You are most welcome to the Norwegian Troll Park!



Hunderfossen Familiepark, 2625 Fåberg
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